Essential Oils and Carrier Oils from BORG EXPORT

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5 Liter/Liters (Min. Order)
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10000 Liter/Liters per Week
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Pure Essential Oil
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Delhi, India
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Glass & aluminum bottles, GI / HDPE drums.
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2 days
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Essential and Carrier Oils (Pure & Natural)





BE-01-001Ajwain Oil
BE-01-002Almond Oil
BE-01-003OAloe Vera Gel
BE-01-003GAloe Vera Oil
BE-01-004Amyris Oil
BE-01-005Angelica Root Oil
BE-01-006Aniseed Oil
BE-01-007AApricot Oil
BE-01-007BApricot Kernel Oil
BE-01-008Argan Oil
BE-01-009Armoise Oil
BE-01-010Asafoetida Oil
BE-01-011Avocado Oil
BE-01-012Babchi Oil
BE-01-013ABasil (Holy) Oil
BE-01-013BBasil (Sweet) Oil
BE-01-014Bay Leaf Oil
BE-01-015Benzoin Oil
BE-01-016Bergamot Oil
BE-01-017Birch Bud Sweet Oil
BE-01-018Birch Tar Oil
BE-01-019Bitter Melon Oil
BE-01-020Black Pepper Oil
BE-01-021Borage Oil
BE-01-022Cajeput Oil
BE-01-023Calamus Oil
BE-01-024Camphor Oil
BE-01-025Capsicum (Chilli) Oil
BE-01-026ACardamom (Absolute) Oil
BE-01-026BCardamom (Reconstituted) Oil
BE-01-027Carrot Seed Oil
BE-01-028Cedarwood Oil
BE-01-029AChamomile (German / Blue) Oil
BE-01-029BChamomile (Roman) Oil
BE-01-030Cherry Kernel (Sweet) Oil
BE-01-031ACinnamon Oil
BE-01-031BCinnamon Leaf Oil
BE-01-032Citronella Oil
BE-01-033Clary Sage Oil
BE-01-034Clementine Oil
BE-01-035BClove (Bud) Oil
BE-01-035LClove (Leaf) Oil
BE-01-035SClove (Stem) Oil
BE-01-036Cocoa Butter Oil
BE-01-037Coconut Oil
BE-01-038Coriander Oil
BE-01-039Cucumber Oil
BE-01-040Cumin Seed Oil
BE-01-041Curry Leaf Oil
BE-01-042Cypress Oil
BE-01-043Dil Seed Oil
BE-01-044Elemi Oil
BE-01-045Eucalyptus Oil
BE-01-046Fennel Oil
BE-01-047AFenugreek Seed (CP) Oil
BE-01-047BFenugreek Seed (CO2 Extract)
BE-01-048Flaxseed Oil
BE-01-049AFrangipani (Absolute) Oil
BE-01-049BFrangipani (Reconstituted) Oil
BE-01-050Frankincense Oil
BE-01-051Garlic Oil
BE-01-052AGeranium Oil
BE-01-052BGeranium (Eygpt) Oil
BE-01-053Ginger Oil
BE-01-054Ginger Grass Oil
BE-01-055Grapefruit Oil
BE-01-056Grapeseed Oil
BE-01-057Hazel Nut Oil
BE-01-058Helichrysum Oil
BE-01-059Hemp Seed Oil
BE-01-060Howood Oil
BE-01-061AJasmine (Grandiflorum Absolute) Oil
BE-01-061BJasmine (Sambac Absolute) Oil
BE-01-061CJasmine (Dilute) Oil
BE-01-062AJojoba (Clear) Oil
BE-01-062BJojoba (Golden) Oil
BE-01-063Juniper Berry Oil
BE-01-064Kalonji Oil
BE-01-065Lavandin Oil
BE-01-066ALavender Oil
BE-01-066BLavender (BP) Oil
BE-01-066CLavender 38/40 Oil
BE-01-067ALemon Oil
BE-01-067BLemon (Cold Pressed) Oil
BE-01-067CLemon Balm Oil
BE-01-067DLemon Myrtle Oil
BE-01-068Lemongrass Oil
BE-01-069ALime Oil
BE-01-069BLime (Cold Pressed) Oil
BE-01-071Litsea Cubeba Oil
BE-01-072Macademia Oil
BE-01-073Mace Oil
BE-01-074Mandarin Oil
BE-01-075Marjoram Oil
BE-01-076Marula Oil
BE-01-077May Chang Oil
BE-01-078Melissa Oil
BE-01-079Mint Oil
BE-01-080AMoringa Oil
BE-01-080BMoringa Oil (86%)
BE-01-080CMoringa Oil (44%)
BE-01-081OMyrrh Oil
BE-01-081RMyrrh Resinoid
BE-01-082Neem Oil
BE-01-083ANeroli (Absolute) Oil
BE-01-083BNeroli (Synthetic) Oil
BE-01-084Niaouli Oil
BE-01-085Nutmeg Oil
BE-01-086Olive Oil
BE-01-087AOrange Peel Oil
BE-01-087BOrange Sweet Oil
BE-01-088AOregano Oil
BE-01-088BOregano (Imported) Oil
BE-01-089Palm Kernel Oil
BE-01-090Palmarosa Oil
BE-01-091Papaya Seed Oil
BE-01-092Patchouli Oil
BE-01-093Peach Kernel Oil
BE-01-094Peanut Oil
BE-01-095Peppermint Oil
BE-01-096Petitgrain Oil
BE-01-097Pine Oil
BE-01-098Pomegrenate Oil
BE-01-099Pumpkin Seed Oil
BE-01-100Ravensara Oil
BE-01-101ARose (Absolute) Oil
BE-01-101BRose (Dilute) Oil
BE-01-101CRose (RC)
BE-01-101DRose (Synthetic) Oil
BE-01-102Rose Hip Oil
BE-01-103ARosemary Oil
BE-01-103BRosemary (Camphor) Oil
BE-01-103CRosemary (Cineol) Oil
BE-01-103DRosemary (Spanish) Oil
BE-01-104Rosewood Oil
BE-01-105Sage Oil
BE-01-106ASandalwood (Absolute) Oil
BE-01-106BSandalwood (Synthetic) Oil
BE-01-107Sesame Oil
BE-01-108Soybean / Soya Bean Oil
BE-01-109Spearmint Oil
BE-01-110Sunflower Oil
BE-01-111Sweet Birch Oil
BE-01-112Tagetes Oil
BE-01-113Tamanu Oil
BE-01-114Tangerine Oil
BE-01-115ITea Tree Oil (Indian)
BE-01-115ATea Tree Oil (Australian)
BE-01-116AThyme Oil
BE-01-116BThyme (White) Oil
BE-01-117ATuberose (Absolute) Oil
BE-01-117BTuberose (Synthetic) Oil
BE-01-118ATurmeric Oil
BE-01-118BTurmeric Oil (33%)
BE-01-118CTurmeric Oil (13%)
BE-01-118DTurmeric Oil (7%)
BE-01-119Vanilla Oil
BE-01-120Vetiver Oil
BE-01-121Walnut Oil
BE-01-122Watermelon Oil
BE-01-123Wheatgerm Oil
BE-01-124CBlack Cumin Seed (Carrier) Oil
BE-01-124EBlack Cumin Seed (Essential) Oil
BE-01-125AYlang Ylang Oil
BE-01-125BYlang Ylang (Extra) Oil
BE-01-126Bitter Gourd Oil
BE-01-127Davana Oil
BE-01-128AVitamin E Oil
BE-01-128BVitamin E (Acetate)
BE-01-129Galangal Root Oil
BE-01-130Lotus (Reconstituted) Oil
BE-01-131AOnion (Carrier) Oil
BE-01-131BOnion (Essential) Oil
BE-01-132Redish Seed Oil
BE-01-133Peru Balsam
BE-01-134Spinach Oil
BE-01-135Citral Oil
BE-01-136Strawberry Oil
BE-01-137Brahmi Oil
BE-01-138Emu (Bird Fat Oil)
BE-01-139Nagarmotha (Cyperus Rotundus) Oil
BE-01-140Tomato Oil
BE-01-141Amla Oil (Carrier)
BE-01-142Amla Oil (Essential)
BE-01-143Betel Leaf (Bangla)
BE-01-144Betel Leaf (Sweet)
BE-01-149Castor Oil
BE-01-150Celery Seed Oil
BE-01-151Evening Primrose
BE-01-152Linseed Oil
BE-01-153Muskmelon Oil
BE-01-154Origanum Oil
BE-01-155Raspberry Oil
BE-01-156Spikenard (Jatamansi)
BE-01-157Valerian Root Oil
BE-01-158Verbena Oil




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FAQ 1: Does Borg Export offer customization of products and labelling, packaging services?

Answer: Yes, we do. Our technicians and product and graphics design teams are at your service. We have a range of digitial and offset printing services to help you with your product labels, artwork, and economical environmental-friendly printing.


FAQ 2: Which logistics partners and shipments methods do you use?

Answer: We use FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS etc for International Express and Priority shipments. Our maritime partners provide world-class cargo services. Clearance support is available if you need it.


FAQ 3: Do you ship your products to my country?

Answer: We most certainly do. Contact us for more details.


FAQ 4: We are very happy with your products and services, but we need a product/service that isn't listed on your profile yet.

Answer: Contact us and we will gladly take care of it. Whatever it is; wherever you are.


FAQ 5: Which products/services are available with you?

Answer: Please explore our profile and the official website for more information. Contact us for details.


FAQ 6: Which payment methods do you support?

Answer: We accept PayPal, bank transfer, International Credit and Debit cards.


FAQ 7: Are you looking for distributors in my country?

Answer: Contact us and find out. You never know!